To remove mild soap scum on bathroom’s marble floor & wall

Soap Scum Removal on Bathroom’s Marble Floor & Marble Wall

Product needed: SCL Handy Shine

Available at Home-Fix DIY stores and E-Store:

Following application is meant for small area DIY restoration to restore shine on marble wall & floor at shower area. Severe dullness and roughness occurred on marble floor required the Professional.

Direction to use:

Step1: Before polishing, stir SCL Handy Shine well using the spatula provided.

Step2: Put one teaspoon of SCL Handy Shine onto the etched mark area. Press the Red pad down onto the Handy Shine paste. Rub in a circular motion with the Red Polishing Pad provided. At any one time, keep the rubbing in circular motion smaller than a palm size. Exert force to the rubbing motion will achieve satisfactory result. Add another teaspoon of SCL Handy Shine and continue the rubbing for another one minute if shine is not satisfactory yet.

Step3: Upon luster on the marble surface is obtained, wipe away SCL Handy Shine’s residues with 3M Microfibre cloth. Used the 3M Microfibre cloth in a dry condition.

Step4: After luster is obtained, marble wall surface is clean & dry, begin to apply SCL 748Clear Enhancer Sealer. Do not apply SCL748 Clear Enhancer Sealer on marble floor as it causes slipperiness. Dab a dry paper towel with SCL 748Clear Enhancer Sealer and rub the sealer in a circular motion until the marble surface is enhanced. Use SCL Stoneclean-Xtra daily to prevent “soap-scum” from recurring. Apply SCL 748Clear Enhancer Sealer once weekly on the marble wall surface to prevent streak mark.