Restoration on Bathroom Marble Floors

Restoration on Bathroom Marble Floors Product needed: SCL Marble Polishing Powder

Restoration on Bathroom Marble Floors










Product needed: SCL Marble Polishing Powder











Available at Home-Fix DIY stores and E-Store:

Below polishing procedures is designed for a layman (i.e. an unskilled person) who wish to (DIY) a bathroom marble floor and marble vanity top.

Take note: Area bigger than 30 sq.ft. required a floor polishing machine to achieve consistency in its shine. Thus, this needs the Professional.

Things to prepare before polishing begin:

  • A hand held polishing tool with variable speed
  • A few pieces of clean cloth
  • A sprayer bottle filled with water
  • One piece of Red Polishing Pad
  • A small pail of water
  • SCL Marble Polishing Powder








Polishing Procedures:

Step1: Attached a “Velcro” pad holder to the hand held polishing tool.






Step2: Attached the red polishing pad to the velco pad holder. Adjust the tool to the slowest speed.







Step3: Put one table spoon of SCL Marble Polishing Powder onto the dull area. This amount of powder covers approximately an area of 2 to 3 palms size.













Step4: Spray a few drop of water to the powder.

Step5: Place the polishing tool on top of the powder. Remember to adjust the machine to the slowest speed (no.1 speed) before begin the polishing. Polish in a to and fro direction for 1 to 2 minutes. The powder will become slurry. If powder is too dry, stop the machine, dip your hand into the pail of water and sprinkle few drops of water to the powder. At this moment, do not use the spray bottle, you might tend to spray too much water to the powder.

Step6: Continue the polishing. While polishing and slurry is about to dry, adjust the machine to medium speed(no.4 or no.5 speed). Now, move the machine to and fro a faster pace.
Polished a bigger circumference and polished the slurry to dry. You begin to see the shine is attained, stop the polishing.

Step7: Sprayed the diluted SCL Stoneclean/SCL Stonemist(ready-to use) onto the marble surface. Wipe the surface to remove all remaining powder residues. Rinse the floor again with a damp cloth if needed. Leave the floor dry naturally.











Things to Avoid and to Take Precautions:

  • Always work the polishing powder on a small area(1 to 2 palm size) until you are familiar with the polishing procedures before working on a bigger area.
  • Do not over polish with SCL Marble Polishing Powder. It will result an orange peel look.
  • Do not wet the marble powder with water if you are not ready to start the polishing.
  • If you have sprayed too much water to the marble powder and you could not polish the powder to dry after 3 minutes, pick up the slurry immediately with a damp cloth. Continue the polishing to dry.
  • Dry the floor and check the shine. If etched mark or dull spot remains, spray little water to the RED pad where there are remaining marble powder on the pad. Polished at a fast speed and a fast pace until the powder dry explained at step6. The shine will improve.
  • Deep scratches and severe dullness on the marble surface required the Diamond Polishing System or the Professional.
  • A single speed machine or a hammer effect car polisher machine are not suitable to use for the polishing on marble floor.