Remove ring mark & water mark on Marble Vanity Top

Remove ring mark and water mark on Marble Vanity Top when you do not own a handheld polishing tool.
The following application and product needed is only applicable to remove small spot of etched mark commonly occurs on marble vanity tops.
Severe dullness on entire marble vanity tops required SCL Marble Polishing Powder or engaged the Professional.
Product needed: SCL Polishing Milk Shake








Available at Home-Fix DIY stores and E-Store:
Direction to use:

Remove scratches(if any) before applying SCL Polishing Milk Shake.
Wet the surface with water. Tear the sandpaper grit #1200 provided, into a smaller piece. Rub the surface until scratches are removed. Deep scratches need lower grit of sandpaper to remove.




Shake SCL Polishing Milk Shake well before use. Put ½ or one teaspoon of the polishing milk shake onto the dull spot. Rub in a circular motion with the Red Polishing Pad provided. Exert strength to the rubbing will speed up the polishing process. While rubbing, count 1 to 50 (approx. one minute). Add another teaspoon of Polishing Milk Shake solution and continue the rubbing for another one minute if shine is not satisfactory yet.




After luster is obtained, wipe away polishing milk shake slurry with a dry cloth or a dry paper towel.




Spray on SCL Stonemist onto the marble vanity top and wipe away remaining residues with a dry clean cloth.




Dab SCL-Clear Enhancer Sealer onto a dry paper towel. Rub the sealer in a circular motion onto the “just” restored etched-mark area or rub the sealer on the entire vanity top to blend with the existing marble color evenly throughout.




Future maintenance on marble vanity tops:

  • Daily clean the marble vanity top with SCL Stonemist.
  • Apply SCL Stone Protector once weekly or apply daily to give maximum protection against glass ring mark and etched mark occurs on marble vanity top.
  • Apply SCL Clear Enhancer Sealer every quarterly or apply once a month to give maximum protection against staining on marble vanity top.