Polishers & Protector

Stone Care Lab’s range of polishing and restoration products are designed to bring out the natural shine of stone surfaces. These products do not involve applying a layer of chemical on top of the stone surfaces, thus they allow the stone to ‘breathe”.
SCL GP10 Granite Polishing Powder

A unique blend of polishing powders designed to use on newly laid granite floor to maintain its existing shine.

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SCL HP100 Honing Powder

Designed to remove light scratches on marble surface, prior to use marble polishing powder. It also works well to obtain low sheen on homogeneous tile.

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SCL HP200 Honing Powder

Designed to remove etch mark on matte finished homogeneous tile. It is also ideal to make a polished surface stone or a polished surface man-made homogeneous tile become matte with slip resistance. If acid cleaning agent is not available, it works well to use HP200 honing powder in-conjunction with SCL Stoneclean-Xtra to remove sever surface stain on external rough texture stone or external matte finished man-made tile.

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SCL GP20 Granite Polishing Powder

A unique blend of polishing powders designed to bring back luster of a badly worn granite floor.

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SCL Marble Polishing Powder

A unique blend of polishing powder designed to bring back luster of a dull marble surface.

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SCL Tile#2 Polishing Powder

- to repair polished surface homogeneous tile where the original surface does not have a consistent shine or its surface is damaged by mild acid.
- to resurface a matte finished tile for an easy maintenance.

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SCL Happy Shine Wax

To achieve an excellent shine on homogeneous tile and a polished surface granite, SCL Tile#2 Polishing Powder & SCL GP20 Polishing Powder is a good preparation product prior to use SCL Happy Shine Wax.

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SCL Stone Protector

A water based protector that protects against alkaline spillage that could cause etched mark on marble’s vanity top. It is easy to use. There is no hassle to operate with a hand held polishing machine.

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Diamond Polishing Pad

For Professional Use. Designed to remove deep scratches and capable to restore dull marble and granite back to its original.

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