Stone Fillers

Open veins and holes are natural characteristic of a stone. Filling and patching of holes in stone surfaces are part of the fabrication process of the stone. SCL Epoxy Sealer is a Two-Components Sealer. It was formulated with Bisphenol A resin added with a reactive diluent to give a low viscosity. It will give an excellent penetrating ability and ultimately reduce visibilities of fissure hairline cracks, pin holes, open veins which help to reduce rejection rate of undesirable stones.
SCL Epoxy Sealer #300

It has an excellent penetrating ability to fill fissure hairline cracks and pinholes. Epoxy #300 has the lowest viscosity among #800 and #1000.

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SCL Epoxy Sealer #800

It has higher viscosity than Epoxy sealer #300. It is harder and cured faster than Epoxy Sealer #300. It has ability to fill open veins and cracks. It can also act as an adhesive glue to bond pebbles stones or bond 2 pieces of stone together.

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SCL Epoxy Sealer #1000

It has the highest viscosity than both Epoxy sealer #300 and #800. It has the ability to fill big hole in Travertine marble. Epoxy #1000 is also used to bond netting to the back side of the marble to strengthen the marble.

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