Natural stones are porous materials that absorb moisture like sponges. If left untreated, the moisture will eventually stain or weaken the stone. Impregnators are designed to retard fluids from penetrating the stone, hence giving enough time to pick up the stains. It also prevents excessive moisture from being trapped inside the stone, causing oxidation. Impregnating sealers from Stone Care Lab are designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone and coating each mineral inside the stone with a resin. As the resin bonds with the minerals, it reduces the pore's size in the stone under the surface. Therefore, it does not form any coating or film on top of the surface and the sealers' performance is not affected by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. This makes Stone Care Lab's repellent sealers effective for outdoor use.
SCL Stain-B Penetrating Sealer

Designed to repel water-based fluids, retards algae growths and retards limes putty effectively.

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SCL Stain-X Penetrating Sealer

Designed to repel water & oil-based fluids effectively. An Ideal sealer to apply at driveways and external stones.

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SCL Sealer Coat

Formulated to form a thin film to treat on area that required a darker tone and prevent water emerging from underside of the stone.

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SCL Color Enhancer Sealer

Colors of your choice to enhance on fading stone – Clear, Black, White, Yellow, Beige, Brown, Green…

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SCL Water-Based Penetrating Sealer

Designed to repel water-based fluids effectively from entering a porous stone. An ideal sealer to apply on Limestone before polishing work.

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SCL Anti-Slip

Formulated to apply on marble, granite and man-made tiles that required a slip
resistance and shine remains.

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