Cleaners are designed to be used for maintenance or when stone surfaces are soiled but do not require restoration work. Our range of cleaners will not affect the effectiveness of previous treatments and applications of stain repellents and impregnators. Heavy-duty cleaners are formulated to clean stubborn soils. Stone Care Lab has a wide range of stone cleaners to suit different soils and stones.

A pH7.0 neutral stone cleaner designed to daily mop and maintains the natural beauty’s of the stone.
Additional properties:
A proven product to treat

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SCL Stoneclean-Xtra

It is a pH9.6 alkaline stone cleaner designed to clean heavily soiled floor.
It is also an ideal neutraliser to acidic cleaning agents.

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SCL Stonemist

A (pH7.0) ready-to-use stone cleaner designed to clean marble & granite vanity top, kitchen counter-top & wall.

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SCL Neutral Clean

A (pH7.0) neutral stone cleaner economical to use daily. Designed to clean and maintain the cleanliness of all types of marble & granite floors.

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